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Full Color (Dye-Sublimation) Ribbons

Ribbon Type DTC4500e ImageCount DTC1250e/4250e Image Count C50 Image Count Applications
YMCKO 500 (ECO) 250 (DTC1250e – EZ and ECO, DTC4250e – EZ only) 100 (EZ and ECO in all regions) 250 (EZ and ECO in select regions only)

Photo-accurate color prints, visual recognition

YMCKO Half Panel 850 (ECO) 350 (DTC1250e only – EZ and ECO) 350 (EZ and ECO)

Personalizing pre-printed cards where only a small area of color needs to be printed

YMCKOK 500 (ECO) 200 (EZ) Not Available

Dual-sided cards without color information required on one side of the card

YMCKK 500 (ECO) Not Available Not Available

Printing dual-sided cards with lamination

YMCFKO 500 (ECO) 200 (DTC4250e only - ECO) Not Available

Includes fluorescing (F) panel for secure imaging

YMCFKOK 400 (ECO) 175 (DTC4250e Only - ECO) Not Available

Dual-sided printing with F panel secure imaging

BO (Dye-sub black) 1250 (ECO) 500 (ECO) 500 (ECO)

Full grayscale imaging

  • The FARGO DTC1250e and FARGO C50 printers are regional printers. This means full panel color ribbons (YMCKO and YMCKOK ribbons) have a different part number in each designated region and therefore only function in printers from the same region. When ordering these ribbons for these printers please make sure you order the correct ribbon by confirming the ribbon part number before placing the order.

One-Color (Resin) Ribbons

Ribbon Type DTC4500e Image Count DTC1250e/DTC4250e Image Count C50 Image Count Application
Black Resin (standard) 3,000 (ECO) 1,000 (EZ) 1,000 (EZ) Bar codes, text, serial numbers, bold graphics
Black Resin (premium) 3,000 (ECO) 1,000 (EZ) 1,000 (EZ)  
KO (Resin w/ Overlay) 1,250 (ECO) 500 (EZ) 500 (EZ)  
White 2,000 (ECO) 1,000 (EZ) 1,000 (EZ)  
Blue 2,000 (ECO) 1,000 (EZ) 1,000 (EZ)  
Green 2,000 (ECO) 1,000 (EZ) 1,000 (EZ)  
Red 2,000 (ECO) 1,000 (EZ) 1,000 (EZ)  
Gold 2,000 (ECO) 1,000 (EZ) 1,000 (EZ)  
Silver 2,000 (ECO) 1,000 (EZ) 1,000 (EZ)  
Gold Metallic Not Available 500 (EZ) 500 (EZ)  
Silver Metallic Not Available 500 (EZ) 500 (EZ)  
BO (Dye-sub black) 1,250 (ECO) 500 (EZ) 500 (EZ) Full grayscale imaging